The Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus Podcast Show

SHOW #12 - The Ethnic Health Disparities Podcast Show - NEW DISCOVERY of Racial Disparities among African Americans - PART II

April 26, 2019

Here is SHOW #12 of my Ethnic Health Disparities Podcast Show and it is PART II of the New Discovery of Racial Disparities among African Americans. In this show, I provide MORE EVIDENCE as to why this DATA and REPORT is so SIGNIFICANT and POSITIVE regarding the current health status among African Americans. This CDC Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report (May 5, 2017) actually show DRASTIC DECLINES in cardiovascular disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease and HIV prevalence among African Americans from 1999-2015. In fact, these DRASTIC DECLINES shocked the researchers and they did not know how to properly RECOGNIZE the SIGNIFICANCE of this POSITIVE TREND. SIMPLY REMARKABLE and this show ADDS to the EXCITEMENT OF THIS NEW RE-EXAMINATION of a CDC MMWR report from 2017!! Check it out and I know you will be STARTLED as well!

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