The Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus Podcast Show

SHOW #15 - The Ethnic Health Disparities Podcast Show - POSITIVE HEALTH & MEDICAL OUTCOMES

May 25, 2019

Here is SHOW #15 of my Ethnic Health Podcast Show and it is PART V of the CDC journal article, "Racial Disparities in Age-Specific Mortality Among Black or African Americans - U.S. - 1999-2015." The key to this show and all others is for researchers and research institutes is to start publishing Positive Health & Medical Outcomes associated with African Americans and all other racial and ethnic health disparities populations. That's why I started #POSITIVEHEALTH&MEDICALOUTCOMES. So please start identifying all types of research that has positive health disparities research with the following new Hashtag #positiveheatlh&medicaloutcomes.  Let me know what you think by sending an email to:  So check out this show because I get SUPER HYPED!!

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