The Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus Podcast Show


June 16, 2020

This is Show #35 - Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus - BLACK RAGE - WAKE UP AMERICA - PART II - in which I discuss the events that has happened AFTER the tragic death of George Floyd and how MAINSTREAM AMERICA responded! First, it is good that many institutions, organizations, associations, societies, departments and committees responded in a WRITTEN STATEMENT against racism, hate and discrimination against underrepresented groups in America. However, these statements tended to be POLITICALLY CORRECT STATEMENTS which included all groups which have received discriminatory behavior and actions. From my perspective, we may have lost sight of the real issue ALREADY!!  From the folks who I have spoken with during the past couple of weeks, we are looking for CHANGE OF BEHAVIOR, BELIEFS, UNDERSTANDING AND "HEART" from Mainstream America!! Are YOU "Mainstream America" willing and READY to change your HEART in understanding what an African American male - "Black Male" has had to endure in our THE UNITED STATES! That is the BASIC ISSUE!! So check out my VERY PERSONAL PODCAST if you want to hear from this very PROUD African American male in 2020!! Send your comments to: or LET'S DEVELOP SOME NEW POLICIES AND SOLUTIONS FOLKS!!

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