The Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus Podcast Show


April 7, 2021

Here is SHOW #50 - "HUMAN RIGHTS and SOCIAL JUSTICE ROUNDTABLE on RACISM AND SOCIAL INJUSTICE AROUND THE WORLD." This was a special Roundtable discussion by the Human Rights and Social Justice Committee of the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) meeting held on March 24, 2021. The panelists included Chair Dr. Eric Bailey, Dr. Josiah Heyman, Dr. Mark Edberg, and Dr. Sara Alexander. In our Roundtable discussion, we accomplished the following: (1) Defined Racism and Social Injustice along with relevant theories to better understand the concepts; (2) Discussed how these concepts are viewed from our American perspective and how they may be viewed differently from other country's perspective; (3) Provided some relevant and practical examples of these issues today (U.S. and other countries); and (4) Provided the audience on how applied anthropologists can help RESOLVE and help others to BETTER UNDERSTAND the impact of these issues on our world today. Please listen and share your comments at: ejb678@gmail.comĀ 

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