The Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus Podcast Show


May 26, 2021

Here is SHOW #51 - "GEORGE FLOYD - ONE YEAR LATER."  This show recognizes the ONE YEAR anniversary of the tragic event that killed George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota in which a police officer - Derek Chauvin -- apprehended and placed his knee on George Floyd neck too long and caused this tragedy to happen. I reflect on how our country -- the United States -- responded back in May 2020 and all the major race and ethnic relations events during the past year. Basically, I feel at this moment that ALL OF US need a commitment to CHANGE and IMPROVE our relations with people who do not look like you. My question from the podcast show is HOW HAVE WE ALL CHANGED since George Floyd's tragic death? Please share with me your thoughts at: .  PEACE OUT EVERYONE and LET'S REALLY MOVE FORWARD.

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