The Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus Podcast Show


June 24, 2021

Here is Show #53 - "VIN DIESEL - MIXED RACE ICON AND INFLUENCER." In this show, I provide you with a little bit of Vin Diesel rise to megastardome by talking about his early history as an actor struggling to get work and then eventually getting the role into more mainstream movies such as THE FAST AND FURIOUS!! Now, the FAST AND FURIOUS movies are a FRANCHISE MOVIE BLOCK BUSTER in which this weekend F9 - Fast and Furious 9 is coming out!! This is a 20 year franchise movie genre in which Vin Diesel is NOW accepted as a ICON and INFLUENCER in so many other genres.  So let's CELEBRATE Vin Diesel's accomplishments and commitment to always recognizing his roots and where he came from!!! I also highlighted Vin Diesel in my 2013 book - "THE NEW FACE OF AMERICA: HOW THE EMERGING MULTIRACIAL, MULTIETHNIC MAJORITY IS CHANGING THE UNITED STATES" in which I projected that Vin Diesel would become one of the major CROSSOVER BIRACIAL, MULTIRACIAL CELEBRITY of our times! What do you think? Send me an email at  It's time to enjoy the summer and let me know what you think about his new Fast & Furious Movie 9!! HAVE FUN DURING THE SUMMER and PEACE OUT!

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