The Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus Podcast Show


July 25, 2021

Here is Show #54 - "RACE AND THE TOKYO OLYMPICS." In this show, I discuss my observations about the initial broadcasting of the Tokyo Olympics on the NBC Television network. First of all, I really enjoy seeing all the thousands of athletes from all the countries around the world competing in so many athletic events. It is truly a CELEBRATION of athleticism on an international and global scale. Second, I truly appreciate how our American athletes are doing their best to represent our country in these Tokyo Olympics. Shout out to NAOMI OSAKA for lighting the torch to start the Tokyo Olympics! WOW! Yet I am CONCERNED when the NBC television network has struggled to show DIVERSITY in its sports broadcasting of sporting events such as the Olympics. Thanks to Mike Tirico and now Maria Taylor (newly hired) to show the DIVERSITY of broadcasting these sporting events on a national basis to our American audience. Wow!! Why did it take so long? What's your opinion? Just check out the Tokyo Olympics for the next 2 weeks and let me know your opinion. Send me your thoughts at: . PEACE OUT and ENJOY THE TOKYO OLYMPICS!

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