The Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus Podcast Show

This is SHOW #13 - Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus - FUN CLASS EXERCISE ON RACE

October 17, 2019

 This is SHOW #13 and it highlights a FUN CLASS EXERCISE ON RACE that I actually do in my college classes! In this show, I talk about the opportunity for college students to actually have fun and learn about about other racial populations from their peers in class. Although it's challenging at first, by the end, my students truly enjoy talking about and writing about the various cultural traditions, customs, and patterns that they know about each other groups. Sometimes they share the most STEREOTYPICAL attributes and other times they share detailed cultural traditions!! Again, my students have a lot of fun in this exercise. If you want to share some of YOUR cultural traditions, traits, and patterns, please send me an email at: After listening to this show, let me know more about your cultural traditions, patterns and traits so that ALL OF US CAN LEARN SOMETHING NEW and HAVE FUN!!

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